Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Okay, this hasn't had any tv time yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it. Having purchased all the Marvel animated direct-2-dvd movies, I think it is about time that DC gets in on the action.Septemer 18th, 2007, sees the release of the SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY movie from Warner Brothers! Check the trailer out below.Looks pretty good, but it will be greatly abridged. I think I read the references to the Justice League, the Reign of the Supermen, and the destruction of Coast City and Green Lantern will not be in it.Lots of people have complained about this, but I have to say that it probably is a good thing. The full Death Of Superman story took well over a year to tell. It ran through multiple titles and had several spin-offs. Even if Timm and his crew stuck to the main story, it would have been a minimum of 2 DVD movies, maybe more. One day, we may see a major mini-series run on television based on something like KINGDOM COME or THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, but I thik that it is best to start with baby steps.Anyway, this is out just a couple of days before my birthday, so hopefully someone will pay attention. ;-)Almost forgot, after this, Darwin Cooke's NEW FRONTIER is to be released. That one looks REALLY excellent, as the art style is closer to the comic than SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY.Later

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New sci-fi shows to check out...

...are coming to the Sci-Fi Channel and NBC. It is interesting to note which series are coming to which channel.First up we have the new Bionic Woman series coming to NBC. Premiering on September 26th, the series loosely follows the original plot to the seventies Bionic Woman show which starred Lindsey Wagner as Jamie Sommers. In the original series, which was a spin-off of the popular Six-Million Dollar Man show (which itself was inspired by the novel CYBORG by Martin Caidin), Jamie Sommers is a tennis player who is injured in a skydiving accident and has the cyborg treatment done to her by the US Goverment. In her operation, she had both legs, one arm, and one ear replaced. She was set up as a teacher and worked for the Office of Scientific Investigations. She battled the same type of enemies as her male counterpart, and often teamed up with him.In the new series, Jamie Sommers (portrayed by Michelle Ryan) is a bartender who is struggling to make ends meet as she raises her sister. Interesting to note that the sister was originally deaf, but "negative" feedback from test audiences convinced them to change her to non-handicapped and make her a hacker. How original. Seems like I also read that the doctor who does the operation is/was/will be her boyfriend. Of course, she has to become a government agent, and struggles to find a happy median between cyborg and surrogate motherhood, blah, blah, blah....Color me unimpressed. The one reason that I will watch this show is because of one of the big twists. In the original series, Sommers was the first female cyborg. In the "re-imagining", she is at least the second. And, in keeping with sci-spy cliche', the original is EVIL. Dum-Dum- DUUUM! LUCKILY, she is also played by Kate Sackhoff, of Battlestar Galactica fame.Sorry to sound like a fanboy, but she is the only reason I will be checking this out. Funny how they didn't put Sackoff as the lead though. Guess they wanted an "unknown" (to American tv) as opposed to a sure ratings grabber.The next show up is from The Sci-Fi Channel. Yep, somebody dusted off the license to FLASH GORDON. Lets see, it started life as a comic strip in 1934, later became a radio series, novel, comic and movie phenomenon, and then disappeared until the 70's, when a campy movie was made and a marginally successful cartoon series and a failed "hover boarding teen" version. The main character also was a member of the Defenders Of Earth (along with the other King Features heroes) in several comic, cartoon, and toy lines. What most people remember most about it is the theme song from the 70's movie by Queen.FLASH! Ahhh-aaaahhhhhhh!Sorry, had a little "Flash"back there.I saw the movie in theaters back when. I was already familiar with the character thanks to an uncle who loaned me books that where much to old for me to have been reading. The character always had a special little place in my heart, and I am a fan of Alex Raymond's art.So, what does the new series from Sci-Fi look like?Borderline. First off, the claim to have kept a retro-original look is worrisome. Next, we have the acknowledgement of the serial nature of the comics, radio show, cartoons, movies and serials (not to mention the old TV shows), but a statement that they new series won;t be as serialized. I am sure this means that there will not be as much "cliffhanger" moments as in the original.And a statement made at Comic-Con that Ming the Merciless was not going to be an “evil for evils sake” just doesn't make sense. They say that he was a stereotype. With that, I can only assume they are referring to the Asian/Mandarin look of the character over the years, and that he was truly evil. Well, these characters where conceived in a time when you could have a villain who sported a Fu-Manchu style mustache and not have everyone up in arms about it. The only saving grace for the series may be that it is on Sci-Fi. But, when yo notice that the guards in the pic to the right are wearing helmets made of paintball masks, you kinda start to worry.So, what is the big deal about what channels they will be on?NBC and Sci-Fi are part of the same company. Occasionally, you can see a Sci-Fi show re-broadcast on NBC, as was the case with several episodes of Battlestar Galactica. NBC has had a big hit with Heroes, which shows that a smart intelligent "comic inspired" series can be done. But, if you look at the two shows, Flash Gordon is clearly the one which is intended to be "the next Stargate SG-1", while Bionic Woman seems to be going for a more traditional "thinking" show with the beautiful woman struggeling to make her way in the world despite outside forces trying to stop her" type near daytime soap opera stuff that has gone all the way back to the original Dark Shadows. You don't get what I mean? Well, think about it a little. If you don't get it, I am not sure I can help.So, will I be watching either of these shows? As I said before, I'll check them both out. Although I have more connection to the Flash Gordon, I think that it will be a disappointment to people who actually know anything about it. The series seems to be aimed more at the Smallville crowd than at the science fiction community. Besides Flash Gordon being played by Eric Johnson (Whitney of Smallville) it seems to just have that glitz style that is popular with the public, but not so much with the actual fans.But I'll give anything a chance. Except Army Wives. Give me The Unit any day. ;-)

"New" books to read...

You may have noticed on the right there is a sidebar item regarding the books I'm currently reading. Well, after I finished the original Dragonlance Chronicles in a week, I needed more to read. Since I enjoy the old TSR novels, I figured I would stick to the genre.Problem is, the average price of a paperback novel is $7.99. If I wanted to go ahead and pick up a trilogy, that would be about $24 dollars. That's also about the price for most "box"sets. But I REALLY needed something to read.Enter, the used bookstore!Today, Katie and I rode down to the Book Shelf in Madison, MS. Yeah, there is a store in Clinton, and one in Jackson, but I knew that The Book Shelf had quite a few of the older TSR novel.It took me about 30 minutes of looking, but I was able to pick up the Spelljammer novels, The Cloakmaster Cycle. I got all 6 books to complete the series, for $17. That is for just a little more than the price of 2 brand new books. I hate that the spines are messed up a little, but they are in total in very good condition. Going to start in on the first book, Beyond The Moons by David Cook, later on tonight.I finally got Katie to try the original Dragonlance trilogy, and so far she says she loves it. I figured she might need a little change from the mystery and forensic stuff she usually reads.

Who Wants To Be A Superhero Season 2, Episode 3

Who else is watching this? And why?I really, really enjoyed the first season. I'm not a big Stan Lee fan, but I thought that this was a very slick idea for a "reality" show. In the first season, I had been rooting for Creature and then Feedback. Sure, it had it's fair share of "actors" "sneak" in on it. But despite never getting to see the Feedback movie (did they ever make it?) I enjoyed the show. I actually had some people trying to convince me to audition for the second season.But I just really don't care for this second season so far.Who could have made it on the show and not watched the first season? Apparently everyone on this season. Missing the hidden objectives, trash talking other heroes, no one learned anything from the first season. Right now, I am watching the re-play of the 3rd episode for the second season. I can't stand Ms. Limelight (she has been on the Greg Barett Show at least twice since this new season started.) Mr. Mitzvah comes off almost like a parody. Partheon's power relies on gauntlets, but his costume does not incorporate them. Basura is cool, I like The Defuser, Whip-Snap is generic. Hygiena produced, wrote and directed at least one Batman fan film, but I don't like her "hero."Give me a second, they are doing the eliminations....No mole. Okay, works for me. Don't agree with the criticism toward Basura. Whip-Snap as a side-kick, not even that good. Mr. Mitzvah, please step forward. Basura, please step forward. Ms. Limelight, please step forward. Basura reason was a little weak. Mr. Mitzvah is full of it. Ms. Limelight REALLY is getting on my nerves.Now for the commercial break...HHHhhhhmmmm. Denny's Grand Slam. :-P Okay, where back...Mr. Mitzvah is gone. Good. HE-HE! Stan ain't done yet! Yippie!MS. LIMELIGHT! Yeah! Get the little airhead out of here!Okay, now with those two gone, I might be able to watch the show and get into it a little more now. Of the ones left, I don't care for Whip-Snap and Hygenia.Things I do like about the show...1) They seem to be trying to include more villians and "stories" , 2) It's superheroes!I hate that Mindset was eliminated. He did nothing worse than what Defuser did on this episode, and he kept to character in the Bee villian challenge. Hopefull, he will get some more time somewhere, maybe with his characters original name. He had the best costume, and I just hated the one "Stan" designed for him. Well, let see how it goes now. I have the first season on my IPod. I haven't downloaded any of these, but if the show starts to take an upturn I might.Oh well. Need to get some sleep.Later.Stacy B.