Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who Wants To Be A Superhero Season 2, Episode 3

Who else is watching this? And why?I really, really enjoyed the first season. I'm not a big Stan Lee fan, but I thought that this was a very slick idea for a "reality" show. In the first season, I had been rooting for Creature and then Feedback. Sure, it had it's fair share of "actors" "sneak" in on it. But despite never getting to see the Feedback movie (did they ever make it?) I enjoyed the show. I actually had some people trying to convince me to audition for the second season.But I just really don't care for this second season so far.Who could have made it on the show and not watched the first season? Apparently everyone on this season. Missing the hidden objectives, trash talking other heroes, no one learned anything from the first season. Right now, I am watching the re-play of the 3rd episode for the second season. I can't stand Ms. Limelight (she has been on the Greg Barett Show at least twice since this new season started.) Mr. Mitzvah comes off almost like a parody. Partheon's power relies on gauntlets, but his costume does not incorporate them. Basura is cool, I like The Defuser, Whip-Snap is generic. Hygiena produced, wrote and directed at least one Batman fan film, but I don't like her "hero."Give me a second, they are doing the eliminations....No mole. Okay, works for me. Don't agree with the criticism toward Basura. Whip-Snap as a side-kick, not even that good. Mr. Mitzvah, please step forward. Basura, please step forward. Ms. Limelight, please step forward. Basura reason was a little weak. Mr. Mitzvah is full of it. Ms. Limelight REALLY is getting on my nerves.Now for the commercial break...HHHhhhhmmmm. Denny's Grand Slam. :-P Okay, where back...Mr. Mitzvah is gone. Good. HE-HE! Stan ain't done yet! Yippie!MS. LIMELIGHT! Yeah! Get the little airhead out of here!Okay, now with those two gone, I might be able to watch the show and get into it a little more now. Of the ones left, I don't care for Whip-Snap and Hygenia.Things I do like about the show...1) They seem to be trying to include more villians and "stories" , 2) It's superheroes!I hate that Mindset was eliminated. He did nothing worse than what Defuser did on this episode, and he kept to character in the Bee villian challenge. Hopefull, he will get some more time somewhere, maybe with his characters original name. He had the best costume, and I just hated the one "Stan" designed for him. Well, let see how it goes now. I have the first season on my IPod. I haven't downloaded any of these, but if the show starts to take an upturn I might.Oh well. Need to get some sleep.Later.Stacy B.